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ICD e.V. and Informatik Centrum Dortmund GmbH pave the path from research results to products. Standard organizational and legal procedures have been established to process orders from customers smoothly. Our role is similar to catalyzers. Typically, the procedure starts with an identification of a competent research group. If needed, we provide help during this step. Non-disclosure agreements are signed if necessary. As a next step, required work and the corresponding effort will be consolidated in discussions between the head of the research group and the customer. Based on this, we provide a quote. Orders will be processed according to industrial standards. If needed, corresponding agreements will be closed between the head of the research group and involved partners.

For research groups, we provide the framework for running projects which would be impossible to running at public institutions, e.g. due to waranties.

For industrial projects, Informatik Centrum Dortmund GmbH is the standard partner. ICD e.V. would be a potential partner for research-oriented projects (e.g. for student theses).