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The Informatik Centrum Dortmund (ICD) was founded in 1989 as a spin-off of the Computer Science department of the University of Dortmund, Germany. Today, ICD is available as a research and development partner for companies coming from different technological areas. ICD strives to improve and accelerate the transfer of current research results in computer science and information technology into industrial products. Currently, ICD consists of "Informatik Centrum Dortmund e.V." (corresponding to the registered entity founded in 1989), and "Informatik Centrum Dortmund GmbH" having a stronger commercial focus.

The company 

The product range of both entities comprises the provision of services related to Internet and Multimedia, the development of specialized software, the application of automatic picture classification, the optimization of complex systems, support for decision-taking using fuzzy logic as well as the development of educational software. 

Due to its close contact with the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments of the University of Dortmund, ICD has access to the latest results of current research. The settlement of projects at ICD is done according to industry standards. 

ICD makes it easier for companies to take advantage of the broad know-how collected at the University of Dortmund through: 

  • joint application-centered development projects that are conducted at ICD;
  • projects comprising research and development that ICD conducts for its customers;
  • courses and tutorials that are being offered by ICD.

ICD considers itself a service provider supporting the realization of latest research results from the area of computer science and from computer applications into industrial products. Its goal is to provide access to the know-how, and also to researchers and graduates of the University of Dortmund, in particular for medium-sized companies in a fast und unbureaucratic way