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The department of Pattern Recognition of Informatik Centrum Dortmund e.V. provides services in the field of statistical pattern recognition, especially in the fields of acoustic and visual recognition. 

The automated analysis of data is of growing importance in many fields of application. Pattern recognition systems allow not only the automation of often tedious and costly processes, they are also able to take decisions that are often difficult for experts in a given field. 

We would like to make current research results in the field acoustic and visual pattern recognition applicable for industrial partners. Our competencies include all steps of statistical pattern recognition ranging from preprocessing to classification. Please contact us if you are interested. 


The department of Pattern Recognition focuses on statistical pattern recognition in the fields of acoustic and visual recognition.

Statistical Pattern Recognition 

  •  Detection & classification of objects
  •  Face recognition
  •  Recognition of acoustic events
  •  Analysis of historical documents
  •  Ambient Intelligence
  •  Personalized interaction

Development under Linux or Windows as well as DSPs or Microprocessors

 For some demonstrations related to current research projects please have a look at the website of the associated research group at TU Dortmund University: 

  •  Acoustic Recognition
  •  Visual Recognition