Virtual Prosthetic

Orbital Fractures

The project addresses the preoperative virtual planning and optimization of implants for the treatment of fractures of the orbital cavity, based on tomographic reconstructions. Planning an implant bases on the comparative analysis of the orbital cavity in normal and fractured condition, and leads to the reconstruction of an optimally individualised replacement frame. Due to the strongly constricted clearance between the cavity wall and the eyeball, an individualized implant leads to a significant reduction of in- and postoperative complications in comparison to a standardized implant..

  • Extraction of the orbital cavity based on segmentations of the volume and sectional views

    segmentierung 1 segmentierung 3
  • Fusion of volume and cross-section segments into surface meshes

    Fusion-1 Fusion-2
  • Modelling of a replacement frame based on the relative complement

  • Quantitative analysis of replacement frames for the identification of equivalence class