The Informatik Centrum Dortmund e.V. consists of three departments dealing with different scopes of duty.

Embedded Systems

Software tools for embedded systems: compilers, simulators, assemblers, debuggers for DSPs, RISC processors, microcontrollers and application specific processors

Using current research results from the University of Dortmund, ICD offers efficient customized solutions for tools and consulting concerning the development of embedded software.

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Multimedia Systems

Multimedia Systems have become an essential part of everyday life. The often-quoted convergence technologies merges once divided systems to powerful platforms, which can apply new multimedial services. On the one hand audio-visual contents are transfered over internet and mobile networks, on the other hand broadcast technologies enable the fast access to the internet.

MMS works in this actual topic and deals with questions and problems of image processing and about networks for real-time transfer of high-quality audio-visual information and the development of new internet services.

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Software & Intelligent Technologies

Developing Software with Software: in the SWIT department, the latest methods and tools for the construction of complex software and intelligent systems are being used.

SWIT offers development service as well as project management and consulting for professional applications.

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